Prevention Program

There are 7 disciplines in the Protection Department; there is 1 Executive Director, 3 Managers, 2 Administration Workers, 1 Family Finder Worker, 3 Case Workers, 1 Foster Care Worker and 2 Intake/Investigation Workers. The Executive Director provides essential leadership in advancing the Agency’s strategic direction, workplace culture and stakeholder relationships. The Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of the Agency. The Administration Workers ensure that general office duties are performed such as book-keeping and ordering office supplies. The Family Finder’s job is to find families that are located inside and outside the reserve. The Case Workers ensure their clientele’s well-being is met. The Foster Care Worker’s duties are to find suitable parents who can take care of children that are put in care with the Agency. Finally, the Intake/Investigation Worker takes calls from individuals who are concerned for the well-being of children and ensures the children are properly addressed.